Mav Sense IBEX 115HV SBEC Fartreglage ESC

2.995,00 kr

  • Ström: 110A Konstant, 170A Peak
  • 2-12S Lipo
  • BEC 15A
  • Vikt: 90g
  • Dimension: 88x32x14mm

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Mav Sense IBEX 115HV SBEC Fartreglage ESC


  • Small dimensions combined with high power motor control.
  • A powerful switching BEC that offers a continuous current of 15A (30A max). BEC circuit protection against overcurrent and overheating is included.
  • BEC voltage 5.5-8.4 V, setting in steps of 0.1V.
  • Over- and undervoltage protection, overtemperature protection, motor-stall protection.
  • Configurable current limiter.
  • Safety shutdown when the throttle impulse is lost.
  • Configurable acceleration, timing, electromagnetic brake etc.
  • Low acoustic noise due to high frequency switching.
  • Automatic telemetry detection: Duplex EX, Hott, MSB, S.Bus2. Alternative firmware with Spektrum SRXL2 telemetry support.
  • Telemetry (RC system dependent): voltage, current, power, capacity, temperature, RPM, energy.
  • Telemetry min/max values are logged.
  • Configuration through the transmitter or external terminal (JETIBOX/SMART-BOX).
  • Firmware updates via USB interfaceusing the MAV Manager software.
  • Languages: CZ/DE/EN/FR/IT.

Additional functions

  • Option to activate the synchronous rectification (Active Freewheeling) for more accurate motor response and less heating of the controller during aerobatics.
  • Optional use of external on-off switch / push button / Hall-sensor / RC switch / Touch Switch.
  • Flawless operation with high power multi-pole motors and the vast majority of all other motor types.
  • Optional connection of backup battery without additional adapters.
  • Propeller positioning using an optional Hall sensor.
  • Optional external motor identification chip combined with an optional temperature sensor.


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